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Al ARABI supply and installation various types of glasses as per the specification and the requirements of our valued customer.

High performance soft coated (magnetic Spattered) and pyrolitic coated glasses are available. Soft-coated glasses cannot be tempered after coating. Wide choices of colors, light transmission shading coefficient and U – Values are available. Pyrolitic coated are available in stock sheets and can be temper able. Reflective glasses are suitable for vision and spandrel applications.

Laminated safety Glass offers greater personal safety breakage because it tends to remain in the frame. Provides improved sound control due to sound – deadening capabilities of the PVB interlayer. Recommended to used in sloped glazing (slopes to an angle of 15 or more from the vertical plane considered as slope glazing) and skylights.

Heat Strengthened Glass is less prone to spontaneous breakage than tempered glass. Twice stronger and greater resistance to thermal load than annealed glass typically breaks into large pieces. Suitable for use in spandrel or vision area.

Tempered Glass can experience spontaneous breakage due to inclusion of nickel sulphide, breaks in to tiny piece pattern. Approximately 4 times stronger than annealed glass, greater resistance to thermally induced stress than Heat Strengthened or Annealed Glass. Suitable where safety glazing required, Fire knock out panels, glass entrance and shop fronts.


Glass has the weakest resistance to abient heat transfer, which takes place by means of absorption, conduction and re-radiation. These mechanisms operate in glass to cause substantial heat gain or heat loss, through windows according to the climate. This can be partially overcome by the use of insulated units. Insulated Glass Units consists of 2 layer of glass with an airspace. The spacer tube is perforated in the interior surface facing cavity and desiccant filled inside the hollow part of the spacer to absorbed the moisture from the cavity and the air between the two glass panels will be complete dehydrated thus preventing the internal condensation. Butyl tape is primary seal and 2 part polyurethane or polysulphide for conventions glazing and 2 part structural silicones for structural glazed curtain Wall System.

Stained Glass, Sand Blasted & Acid etched tempered glass can be supplied as per the choice  of our client.

AL ARABI offers European Façade products (EFP) System, which is a Dutch based Company,has specialized in developing aesthetic, custom made Façade and glazing system to the new generation with the highest Architectural and technical Standard. EFP has combined European technology with efficient techniques in order to serve the growing demand of high-tech, quality Façade system.
Full dedication to quality and more than 20 years of world wide experience in the development and marketing of Aluminum Façade Systems, are the basis for all EFC Façade Panels andSystems.
In order to assure highest efficiency levels for each specific project, a team of system specialist is at our service to develop the optimum technical solution within the economic parameters. AL-ARABI Aluminum & Glass Works LLC is exclusively approved and trained Fabricator, Installer for all the system provided by EFP.


The EFP Curtain Walling System have been develop by a Team of experienced Designers and tested at the best European Testing Institutes. The EFP 50 Curtain Walling and EFP 50 SSG integrated window system (Concealed Type) are available to satisfy the architects.

EFP 50 RCW Wall System enables the construction of attractive sloped and inclined Curtain Walling with the benefit of slim sightlines. The thermally insulated system consists of standard profiles and many custom made profiles
are available upon request.

EFP 50 RCW is a mullion drained, thermally broken Curtain Wall System which consist of 50mm wide mullions and transoms, suited for slope for vertical facades. Various cover caps are available for this system. The smallest sight line can be achieved using 50mm wide cap, double chamfered to provide a visible front face of 16mm. Cover caps have a typical edge radius of 1.5mm, edge radii for even distribution of the powder coating layer.

The system is glazed from the outside. Glass confirms the requirements of BS6262 for thickness and type, in terms f wind resistance, safety and security.

The system is mullion drained, achieved by meeting the requirements of “Ventilated and trained glazing system” as specified in BS 6262.
Class 2.1 in accordance with DIN 4108 (2.0-2.8 W m2 k) or EN ISO10077 – 1
The thermal transmittance (Uf) W/m2 K, is depending on the insulation strip, calculating as per EN ISO 10077-1/.
Comparable with Class 2.1 DIN 4108-4 Table 3

Depending largely upon the glass specification, generally the Curtain Wall framing reduces the figure by 2db (A)

The system is constructed from extruded aluminum profiles, using alloy 6063 complying the requirements of BS1474. The thermal barrier system is achieved by means of PVC/PP extrusion.
Glazing vision strips are made of EPDM conforming to BS 4255 Part 1.
The system will achieve the following criteria when manufactured, installed and glazed to EFP/ ALA RABI recommended procedures.

Air Permeability: BS EN 12152 – Class AE 750
Water Tightness: BS EN 12154 – Class RE 750
Wind resistance: BS EN 13116 – 2400 Pa Design – 3600 Pa Safety
2400 Pa (Pascal’s) is dependent upon correct mullion and transom selection to suit span and spacing by project.

The size limitation of the systems depends mainly on the mullion/ transom members used to suit the span, spacing and wind/ dead load, which are specific or each individual project.